Bergamot Cocoa Body Butter


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An INTENSE moisturizing body butter for the driest of skin. Soothe your dry, rough skin with pure plant butters and exotic nut oils. Moisturize your rough elbows, calloused heals, or dry flaky skin. Can also help prevent stretch marks...great for pregnant bellies! Pure citrus essential oils have been added for an exotic, delicious scent!

"I love the Bergamot Cocoa body butter. It just melts on my skin and then stays on my skin...I use it after my shower and I can still feel the difference the next morning. Another very important reason is that I'm so happy not to be covering myself with chemicals to take away the dryness. It's great. Thanks," J.R., GA

2 oz recyclable white jar

Organic Fair-Trade shea butter, organic cocoa butter, mango butter, organic macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, pure essential oils of bergamot and sweet orange.

(we use bergaptene-free bergamot so there are no worries about phototoxicity).



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