Does Your Diet Affect Your Skin?

Your Diet Affects Your Skin

You need to ask yourself a question; is your diet affecting your skin? Surely it is. Your diet plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body. The diet you choose affects your skin’s health, as much as it affects your waistline. So is your daily diet regimen helping or harming your skin? Different diets have different effects on your skin. For people who are conscious about the beauty of their skin, a proper diet is very necessary that contains all the necessary elements to keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful. Let’s talk about the top three diets, and how they affect your skin appearance.

1. Mediterranean Diet
A Mediterranean diet is based around fish, olive oil, leafy green vegetables and fruits. This diet is extremely healthy for your body. Though, recent studies have suggested that such diet could prevent melanoma, the worst kind of skin cancer. Basically, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are beneficial for your skin, as they keep the skin cells healthy.
The other components of a Mediterranean diet, olive oil, leafy green vegetables and fruits are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help clear out skin impurities and fight infection, acne and other skin condition causing bacteria. These reinvigorate your skin to give it a healthy glowing look.
2. Vegan Diet
There is no debate that a vegan diet has numerous bodily benefits. You may skip eating meat out of love for animals, personal health or religious beliefs. You will end up consuming more wholesome and nutritious diet, which is a great plus for your skin’s health. This high in antioxidant diet fights against the free radicals that are the main reason behind wrinkles, dark spots, blackheads, and other skin conditions.
Vegan diet is also low on fat, high in water composition and rich in vital nutrients and vitamins. This will help clear out the impurities of your skin from within. You will get a more balanced, healthy and glowing skin.
3. High Protein Diet
It may come as surprise to you but high protein diet, is also healthy for your skin. Basically due to the fact that protein helps in growth of tissues and new cells. A high protein diet will help your skin create new skin cells and retain its natural glow and tenderness.
So starting out with a low carb and high protein diet will be a good idea, if you are looking for that perfect skin. Remove food items such as white bread, refined sugar and pasta from your diet and replace it with fresh produce, whole grains and lean meat. This will help increase zinc ratio in your body which is great for blemishes, antioxidants that are great for free radicals and protein that is great for building collagen.
Take caution on the amount of meat you consume, as too much will begin to adversely affect your body.

Bonus Tip:
This may sound obvious to you, but drinking a lot of water each day will help your skin stay younger and fresher looking for a longer period of time. Water will cleanse your skin of all impurities, and make it healthier, glowing and flawless.

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