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Emu oil is an effective therapeutic oil that is 100% natural and completely safe. It is emollient rich and very moisturizing. This amazing beneficial oil, which comes from the Emu, a large bird similar to an ostrich, and is native to Australia where it is raised humanely for it's meat. Studies and patents prove the effectiveness of this oil to heal many types of compromised skin conditions.

Some of the amazing benefits of Emu Oil include:

  • penetrate through and condition multiple skin layers
  • help reduce and diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • help prevent premature aging of the skin
  • relieves eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff, dry skin, age spots
  • prevent and reduce appearance of scars, stretch marks, skin blemishes
  • heal burns, wounds, injuries, minor cuts and scratches
  • soothe the discomfort of sunburns, radiation burns, insect bites, rashes

Emu oil has also been officially documented by the U.S. Government for:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Reduce swelling and muscle soreness
  • Improve the condition and increase growth of hair and nails

Emu oil is very high in oleic acid, which increases its ability to carry compounds through the skin and it will not clog the pores. (Click here for more great info on Emu Oil!)

100% natural Emu oil. Perfect for massaging into your sore, fatigued muscles or painful, arthritic joints, all types of burns and first aid skin conditions. Absorbs quickly into the skin. Unscented. 100% pure emu oil.

Has a 1 year shelf life. Keep in cool place. Refrigeration not necessary.

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