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Treat your tired feet with our easy to use Foot Scrub and Soak Salts. Made with mineral-rich Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and boosted with energizing essential oils.

These ancient mineral salts contain a generous amount of pain relieving magnesium that is easily absorbed into your body while your feet are soaking in them. Also contains just the right amount of skin nurturing botanical oils to soften and moisturize while you soak.

An extremely calming and comforting activity to do just before bedtime or while watching television. This will help you relax and sleep!

When your feet feel good your whole body feels good!

Every purchase of our Foot Scrub and Soak includes a slice of natural loofah to help with scrubbing callouses and rough spots while you soak.

8 oz. jar plus loofah slice
Natural source Pink Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, organic sunflower oil, avocado oil, therapeutic essential oils (see individual scent choices for specific oils used). Orange Spice - Pure essential oils of organic sweet orange, clove leaf, and cinnamon. A spicy, stimulating and cozy blend of pure essential oils.

Peppermint Twist - Stimulate your feet into action with the traditional foot soaking blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.

Prepare a bucket of hot water, as hot as you can handle. Grab a towel and find a comfy chair. Dip feet in water then take out and scrub some of the salts onto your feet, focusing especially on the rough, troublesome spots. Use the loofah slice for extra scrubbing action. When done, place feet into the hot water and soak as long as you like!

Contains enough product for 3-4 foot soaks.

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