New Life Eye Cream


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An intense, anti-aging, holistic cream for the sensitive skin around your eyes. A cooling, soothing cream filled with flower and berry oils that have high concentrations of skin rejuvenating omegas, anti-oxidants, and vitamins that help smooth away fine lines, improve the elasticity of the skin, soothe puffiness, repair and tighten the tissue.

The benefits of our New Life Eye Cream include:
  • Anti-oxidant rich and Omega rich to naturally restore radiance
  • Therapeutic quality essential oils to heal and repair
  • Broad-spectrum UV sun protection
  • A cooling sensation to soothe puffiness
  • Vitamin A and E to fight fine lines and repair tissue
  • Skin firming and rejuvenating
  • Help retain moisture and prevent sunken look
  • Many anti-aging benefits and a delicate rose/cucumber scent

Daily use is sure to bring visible and positive results!

.5 oz recyclable jar

Active ingredients include:
Orchid Extract - An exotic high-performance anti-aging ingredient with regenerative and protective qualities to promote healthy skin. The Orchid flower has long symbolized beauty and longevity and has been used in Asia for centuries, where it is known for its repairative and protective properties. Orchid extract is good for moisturizing, fighting free radicals, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing the skins immune response.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil - Well known for skin repair, conditioning, and protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays with some studies showing an SPF of 25-50. Rich in vitamin A, E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which reduce oxidative stress on the skin.

Chia Seed Oil - Chia Seed is extremely rich in omega-3...perfect for healthy glowing skin. It strengthens the cell membrane and is very moisturizing due to its ability to improve skin hydration when applied topically. Has anti-inflammatory qualities and is an excellent anti-oxidant.

Meadowfoam Oil - Has amazing moisturizing abilities and forms a moisture barrier which assists the skin with preventing moisture loss. Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging.

Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 - Very rich in vitamins, omega 7, and palmitoleic acid that regenerate tissue and slow the aging process. Has 10 times more vitamin C than oranges and is the 3rd highest plant source of vitamin E! A powerful anti-oxidant to protect the skin from harmful free radicals, and enhance sun screen properties.

CO2 extracts produce a superior oil that has not been altered by high heat and contains more constituents than you would find in the essential oil using the steam distillation method. So a CO2 extract more closely resembles all the natural qualities found in the source plant.

Neroli essential oil - Healing to mature and sensitive skin. Balances and smooths skin tone and reduces wrinkles.

Geranium essential oil - Repair broken capilaries, mature skin, reduce inflammations, and helps oily complexions.
Use regularly for best results. Apply nightly along with your night cream, if desired. Also apply upon arising in the morning to cool and soothe puffiness. Organic aloe vera, organic cucumber extract, emulsifying wax NF, olive squalane, orchid extract (in fractionated coconut oil), organic chia seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, sea buckthorn CO2, organic eyebright extract, organic green tea extract, non-gmo vitamin E oil, organic rosemary extract, pure essential oils of rose absolute, neroli, lavender, geranium, patchouli, potassium sorbate, silver citrate, citric acid.

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