Vitamin C Serum Can Help Fade Age Spots

How Vitamin C Serum Can Help Fade Dark Spots

Vitamin C serum is all the rage now. It helps lighten facial dark spots, also referred to as age spots, which are a natural part of the aging process and usually start to occur anytime after the age of 25.

At one point, it was believed that dark spots were connected to the liver, earning them the name “liver spots.” Even though this has been discredited and holds no truth, the name stuck so you may still hear people referring to them as liver spots. They have nothing to do with your health though, so don’t worry!

They are a type of hyperpigmentation, which means areas of darkened skin that can be quite obvious, especially if your skin is pale.

The sun is the biggest culprit of these pesky spots, and because sun damage can take years to manifest physically, age spots are usually a lot more common among women and men in their 50s and older.

There are many products targeted towards lightening dark spots, however most contain harsh ingredients that can seriously aggravate your skin and possibly even put your health at risk.

In this article we’ll let you in on how an all natural antioxidant vitamin is all you need to fade them once and for all, and it won’t put your skin or your health at risk!

Vitamin C Serum protects the skin against damaging free radicals

Prevention truly is better than cure, so if you’re yet to spot any of these darkened areas of skin then now is the best time to start preventing them!

Even if you have dark spots, protect your skin against further damage with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C provides unrivaled antioxidant protection against harmful UV rays that can damage your skin cells and increase your risk of age spots down the line.

If you do wear a vitamin C product during the day then we highly recommend applying a high SPF sunscreen on top, as Vitamin C can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Vitamin C Serum stimulates cell turnover for more youthful skin

Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and making way for new growth. But as we get older, we need to help this process along as cell turnover naturally begins to slow down.

Vitamin C can help to boost cell turnover, which helps to boost collagen, an essential structural protein, for plumper, more youthful looking skin.

This constant shedding of old skin cells will also help to fade dark spots over time, brighten your skin overall and leave your complexion radiant.

Vitamin C Serum fights inflammation for healthier skin

Inflamed skin as a result of sun damage or other factors not only contributes to dark spots, it also increases your risk of lines and wrinkles, dry skin and even breakouts, as your sebum levels try to regulate.

Vitamin C helps to fight skin inflammation for calmer, happier skin with a more even tone.

Best Product Recommendation

Our best product recommendation to help calm redness, reverse collagen loss, boost shedding of old skin cells, and repair sun damage is our Vitamin C Facial Repair Serum. Our all natural Vitamin C serum is non-toxic and formulated with an effective blend of skin brightening Vitamin C, soothing Calendula, skin tightening hazelnut oil, and other wonderful ingredients to protect, hydrate and brighten your skin!

(photo credit – Noah Buscher, Unsplash )

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