Calendula Orange Love Organic Soap

Calendula Orange Love Organic Soap


A gentle, skin soothing soap made with organic calendula flowers. Great for sensitive skin.

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Calendula Orange Love Organic soap is made with extra love! Suds up with some love and the crisp, fresh scent of sweet oranges with a zesty hint of peppermint! We know that you will love this bar and the amazingly lovely scent lasts till the bar is used up!

Our Calendula soaps are made with organic, homegrown (in our Oregon garden) calendula flower infusion. Calendula is the herb of choice for any skin problems and is very gentle and soothing and creates the best soap for sensitive skin, including children and infants. Is also gentle enough for use on your face.

Full size bar weighing 4.5 – 5 oz.


Distilled water infused with organic calendula flowers, saponified oils of organic coconut, organic olive, organic sustainably harvested palm, organic jojoba, avocado, organic castor, essential oils, organic calendula petals, raw silk.


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