Oregon Love Organic Soap


Oregon Love Organic Soap

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Get yourself some Oregon Love! Scented with the fresh outdoor smell of the lush Oregon forests. A great way to start your day <3

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Oregon Love Organic soap is handcrafted into the shape of this great state. I love living in Oregon and being surrounded by beautiful, majestic mountains that are covered in evergreen trees. Walking through these forests is a soothing, calming feeling with wild, fresh, exhilarating scents from all the different evergreen trees. SO amazing!

Our Oregon Love Organic Soap is scented with these amazing smells. Essential oils of pine, fir, cedarwood, and spruce are a breath of fresh air! Purifying and clearing, it will rejuvenate your mental state and create a bit of zest and zing to your day!

Shea butter and coconut oil combine to make a thick, lush, silky smooth lather that feels heavenly! This all around lovely bar of soap will bring joy to your heart each time you use it and it makes an excellent gift for all the Oregon lovers you know…even those who don’t know they love Oregon, yet!

All of our organic soaps are handcrafted in Oregon. Click here to see our other varieties.

4.5 oz full size bar


Saponified oils of organic coconut, organic olive, sustainably harvested organic palm, Fair-Trade organic shea butter, organic hemp seed oil, organic canola oil, organic castor oil, avocado oil, alkanet root and charcoal for natural coloring, essential oils, raw silk fiber.


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