Nag Champa Incense Perfume Oil

I just wanted you to know that I truly love your products! I discovered you in 2003 through a Google search when my daughter was just born–because I wanted natural and pure baby products to use on her body. After a couple of years, I revisited and have shopped your site every year since then! My most recent discovery were your natural perfumes which I love Nag Champa and I’ve always used your body powder.Read More →

Skin Therapy Cream with healing Emu Oil

I recently developed hand eczema after not ever having any skin problems or conditions. After researching and trying many products without success, a friend told me about Natural Family Botanicals. After a month of using the Skin Therapy Cream I am seeing great results! I am referring Natural Family Botanicals to anyone I know who is suffering with compromised skin because their products work. Also, the customer service that Kelly provides is stellar-great products andRead More →

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Thank you Natural Family Botanicals for your great products! I have tried many different facial products over the years, and your products are truly the best! I use your Daily Facial Moisturizer, along with your Evening Primrose Cream, and I love them both! Since using these two products daily, I have received many comments on how much younger I look!! I recently ordered your Rosehip Seed Oil in hopes that it would clear up aRead More →

Organic Handcrafted Soap

As I got older I developed sensitivities to many fragrances in soaps & lotions. I began using unscented soaps & lotions but found that I still had reactions to the products because it wasn’t just the fragrances it was also the chemicals used in the products. I found your website and ordered a variety of your soaps. The difference was almost immediate! I could bathe without itching and my skin felt wonderful. The best partRead More →

Daily Facial Moisturizer

I am going to try some more of your products for aging skin. I hope they are as wonderful as your Daily Facial Moisturizer. Everyone still says how young and wonderful I look. I love it when I take my granddaughter shopping and they ask, “Is this your daughter?” Thanks for making such natural wonderful products!” Vera S., NYRead More →

Therapeutic Emu Oil

I really love the Emu oil. The entire time I used my first bottle, I had no pain at all. As soon as I ran out of it, my pain returned. I have sciatic nerve pain on a daily basis. I had completely forgotten about that pain when I was using the oil everyday! As soon as I ran out, the pain reminded me of what I had been missing. I am ready to missRead More →

Skin Therapy Cream with healing Emu Oil

We bought your Skin Therapy Cream. I have taken my daughter to the doctor and a specialist for a rash that broke out on her skin…absolutely nothing they have given me has worked. I started using your cream on her 2 times a day the past 9 days and her skin is 90% better! The itching has stopped, her skin is healing, the scars are fading. Please keep making your products. They are wonderful. ThankRead More →

Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

Last week my son developed rashes all over his body due to an infection. The rashes were more intense on his face, esp. around the mouth. His lips were cracked and crusty, but we kept applying your Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm. His cheeks are now soft and moist, and his lips are healing nicely. The Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm also worked wonders with my son’s peri-oral skin problem. His skin is already discolored around hisRead More →

Emu Oil Soap Tea Tree Soap

This is the first time I have run out of your Rosemary Emu Soap soap since I started using it, and I want to make sure I don’t again! All my life soap has made me itch. I didn’t get rashes or have anything wrong with my skin, soap just dried it out and I itched. I switched to natural soaps about 15 years ago and that helped some, but they were still drying, inRead More →

evening primrose anti-aging face cream

I just tried the wonderful Evening Primrose Cream and it is just fabulous! It does not go on greasy and smells terrific! Thank you so very much. Your products are fabulous and everyone should know! My face feels like silk!” Nadia, FLRead More →