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Patchouli Scents

I love your silk soaps! My favorite is the Patchouli! My skin is very sensitive and I am happy to report that I have had no reactions at all, just that my skin is super soft with a light soapy scent after my shower. I always keep extra bars, even though they last a long time! Don't want to run out, ever!
Testimonial By: Pamela Douglas — MS, United States

Skin Burn

I have a friend who suffered with a bad sunburn for several days before I gave her my Emu Oil to use. She said the pain was relieved that first day and so much better the following day! She could not believe how fast it worked!
Testimonial By: Pamela Douglas — MS, United States

I've tried them all, you're the best!

I have been an avid spa product user for the past 10 years, and have tried many high-end facial regimens. I was using Aveda when my skin started getting very dry and red. I was pregnant and my midwife suggested I was experiencing rosacea related to pregnancy hormones. My skin started to flake and break out and was in a state of constant redness. I remembered a friend loved Natural Family Botanicals and decided to give them a try. My skin improved almost immediately. I have been using the evening primrose oil moisturizer, lavender toner, and cleansing milk for about six months now and I can't recall having a single blemish or dry patch the entire time. My skin looks younger and firmer. Thanks, Kelly!
Testimonial By: Nikki Main — OR

Hand Eczema Relief-Finally!

I recently developed hand eczema after not ever having any skin problems or conditions. After doing research in my family I learned that women on my maternal side tend to develop hand eczema. While turns out hand eczema is prevalent in my family, no one had found any products that seemed to offer much relief. After researching and trying many products without success, a friend told me about Natural Family Botanicals. I have been using their skin healing products for about a month and I am seeing great results on my hand eczema! I am referring Natural Family Botanicals to anyone I know who is suffering with compromised skin because their products work. Also, the customer service that Kelly provides is stellar-great products and great service, what more do you need?!
Testimonial By: Shavonnah Schreiber — Texas

Amazing Skin Therapy Cream

I am an herbalist and needed something to heal my very sensitive skin from itching and sunburn and overall discomfort. The Skin Therapy Cream, Relief for compromised skin was so effective; I used the whole jar in a few months; it healed my skin in a way that no essential oil (I have hundreds of bottles); no other cream, no prescription was able to do. It really HEALED my skin from the inside out. Bravo for this so effective and helpful product. I'm going to order a few more jars; it is also the most effective cream I have ever seen for eczema and psoriasis. My skin is now healed and I am itch-free. Thank you so much.
Testimonial By: Helaine Chersonsky — Massachusetts

No steroids cream any longer

I was prescribed steroid cream for my Eczema from my dermatologist. But since using Natural Family Botanicals "Skin Therapy" cream, Skin Therapy Cream is all I need. It heals it everytime..So grateful for Kelly and her products. Thank you...Holly in AZ
Testimonial By: Holly Sutton — AZ, United States

Great products

I have NEVER been disappointed with any NFB products! I use various face moisturizers depending on the time of year; love them all. Soaps are wonderful too. Thanks for providing these wonderful products .
Testimonial By: Emilie T. — Pa

Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

This balm has healed, within days of use, a C-Section Scar Infection where no other cream I tryed even helped.
I am keeping this cream on hand for any skin infections.
The scent is not bad at all either.
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

Evening Primrose Facial Cream

This facial cream, is skin healing, anti-inflammatory and it relieves eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, acne, burns, sun burns and many other skin conditions.
Love this cream it got rid of the psoriasis I was experiencing within a week.
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

The Breath of Life Essential Oil

It Literally saved our lives this winter. It helps you with breathing when having lung congestion from colds, flus, asthma, etc., with or without a humidifier.
Will keep this life saver on hand through the year.
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

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