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Lavender Emu Soap

I super Love this Fresh Smelling and Wonderful Healing soap. It leaves the skin soft and relaxes the senses. Will buy more soon.
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

Sweet JuicyPeach Lip Balm

This Lip Balm is so silky smooth and guilds on perfectly. It tastes just like fresh picked peaches. Yum!
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

Warming Muscle Balm

I just Love this muscle warming balm. It helped me get rid of pain I was experiencing with my hands, arms, legs, and neck area. Plus it helped get rid of some pain I had in my left knee.
It has a very refreshing scent and Worked much better than bengay products and the warmth of the healing balm felt so good on the body.
Testimonial By: Theresa — OR, United States

Emu Oil For Hair!

I use the emu oil in my hair. I know it sounds strange but a few years ago my hair started falling out after I chemically straightened it. The only thing that seemed to stop it was to start cleaning it with the emu bar soap and using the emu oil itself as a leave in/styling product. I have dry, curly hair and this oil has really been a hair saver! A little bit goes a loooong way!
Testimonial By: Kandi — MD

The Best Emu Oil Product

I use Natural Family Botanicals Emu Oil to ease the arthritic pain in my knees. Have recommended it to many family members and friends - they are all pleased (if only they remember to use it!) Some are looking for a 'cure' - and there is none - but those who realize this is such a more healthful pain reliever than NSAIDS are happy customers. Some have tried other 'emu' products, and soon realize those are not pure and therefore not as effective as this from Natural Family Botanicals.
And don't forget: burn yourself reaching into the oven? Apply Emu Oil from NFBotanicals right away - you won't blister and you'll heal quickly.
Testimonial By: Carolyn Schuft — NC, United States

Our Familys Favorite Healing Balm

I've been using this product from Natural Family Botanicals for years now. It's a favorite in our family 'medicine chest'. We use it for bug bites (plenty of mosquitos in central North Carolina) and all scratches and scrapes; sunburn as well.
Testimonial By: Carolyn Schuft — NC, United States

Excellent Service!

Fast shipping, excellent service, Kelly went out of her way for me to get my shipping address info worked out. I appreciate that and her product is wonderful.
Testimonial By: Melinda Morgaine-Lafoe — TX, United States

Good-For-Your-Skin Products!

I have been using many NFB products now for several years, and cannot do without them. The Skin Therapy, Evening Primrose, Facial Serum, Rosehip Seed Oil, Emu Oil, and so many more; each of these creams and oils, etc. soothe and heal my extremely sensitive skin. In addition, the Customer Service is perfect and I always receive my orders within days after ordering. I can't say enough good things about each and every one of this company's wonderful products.
Testimonial By: Judy Branca — USA

I truly love your products!

I just wanted you to know that I truly love your products! I discovered you in 2003 through a Google search when my daughter was just born--because I wanted natural and pure baby products to use on her body. After a couple of years, I revisited and have shopped your site every year since then! My most recent discovery were your natural perfumes which I love (Nag Champa) and I've always used your body powder. I want to THANK YOU for staying true to yourself and for providing goodness to the world.
Testimonial By: Keasha

I LOVE your products!

As soon as I received my package from you, I quickly opened and smelled everything! It was all glorious! Thank you for creating this wonderful line of skin care. I LOVE them! I'm hooked! My skin is so soft and very receptive to all the luscious essential oils and lotions. Thank you!!!
Testimonial By: Jackie — USA

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