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Most Amazing Natural Products

The most amazing natural products for skin care! I use them, and sell them at my boutique day spa in Grants Pass, OR!!
Testimonial By: Cheri Veritch — Oregon

Awesome Salt Body Glow

I have suffered from hideous facial rashes since the birth of my first child 9 years ago. Originally diagnosed as Lupus, downgraded to Lymphocytic Infiltrates, the first time I ever was able to wash and clear it up was with your awesome Salt Body Glow. I'll be a customer for life!"
Shannan, South Carolina
Testimonial By: Shannan — South Carolina

Excellent Emu Oil

I have to give myself injections sometimes because of a severe reaction I have to some foods. The liquid is very caustic and leaves a lump and sometimes a red bruise. I have used the emu oil liquid on those spots and the improvement is unbelievable in a short period of time!!! I truly love your products and the Skin Therapy Cream has helped my son's rash on the side of his face from working around so much grease in the cafeteria."
Karen D., TX
Testimonial By: Karen D — Texas

Love Your Coconut Cream Soap!

I just wanted you to know that I just LOVE your Coconut Cream Soap! I just ordered two more bars! :o) I also like the Calendula/Jojoba Soap for my face. It does not dry it out and it feels clean after I use it. I also have my youngest daughter using it and she seldom breaks out with pimples. Her skin is beautiful! I reordered two more bars because I am going to give one to my oldest daughter to try. She has alot of problems with facial blemishes and I really think this soap will help her out! Thank-you Very Much."
Mary Smith
Testimonial By: Mary Smith

Super Fast Ship

A super fast ship and free samples of neat products. I have you on my "A list". Thanks!"
Kate, CA
Testimonial By: Kate — CA

Everything Is Wonderful So Impressed!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my order just 2 days after I placed it and EVERYTHING Is WONDERFUL!! I am so impressed with the scents and how soft my skin is!! I also LOVE the lathers so well!! I have been leaving KUDOS about you on various mom-groups that I belong to, so hopefully you'll get some new customers. :) I will definatley be a repeat customer and will spread the word about your wonderful products!"
Shannon, OR
Testimonial By: Shannon — Oregon

Very Pleased With Your Soaps

I am very impressed with your soaps! I felt like I was using something that would come only from a high end bath and body store. I never knew that my skin could feel so soft and pampered just from a soap! As for the lotion...WOW! It soaks into my skin without feeling greasy or like I have a coating on my skin. And the la la!!! And made with all natural, healthy ingredients! Thank you so much! I'm gonna want some more of that soap!"
Lisa T., OR
Testimonial By: Lisa T — Oregon

Evening Primrose Cream is Wonderful

I just tried the wonderful Evening Primrose Cream and it is just fabulous! It does not go on greasy and smells terrific! Thank you so very much. Your products are fabulous and everyone should know! My face feels like silk!"
Nadia, FL
Testimonial By: Nadia — Florida

Aloe Vera Seaweed Soap Is Amazing

I received the products yesterday and I have already tried the Aloe vera/seaweed soap. I am amazed how soft my skin felt afterwards. I think I am going to love these products."
Nasma, United Arab Emirates
Testimonial By: Nasma — United Arab Emirates

Love All Your Soaps

I just love all of my soaps. Each one is wonderfully fragrant. Also, I like how they stay solid after each use and don’t turn mushy. Thank you for sending them so quickly."
Nancy, MN
Testimonial By: Nancy

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