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Skin Therapy Emu Cream The Best

My face is extremely dry and I have had trouble finding something that moisturizes it. I tried your Skin Therapy Emu Cream and your Calendula Silk Natural Soap. I was thrilled out of my mind when it left my skin feeling soft and silky! After I put the Skin Therapy Cream on I was so excited because my skin felt and looked so good!! If I forget to use it I can tell the difference because my skin immediately dries out. I am sold on your products and will continue to use them because you have a high quality natural product without additives. I will share your site with all my friends and tell them what a wonderful line of products you have."
Sandy R., OR
Testimonial By: Sandy R — Oregon

Love Your Products

As you know, I love your products! In fact, I gave my mom the loofa soap and took a bath at her new place. Guess what I used while I was there? I thought it was the best bar of soap I had ever used. I am using the Salt Body Glow, too. I am also using your lotions at night on my scar from having surgery four months ago. That has helped it heal so wonderfully. My daughter has been using the Skin Therapy Emu Cream nightly, too, and it has helped her chapped little hands, alot. I can't say enough about your great products. I will be shopping at your web site, more. Your products are so much better than the stuff I was buying at the mall. A lot better! Thanks again."
Lisa D., MN
Testimonial By: Lisa D — MN

Simply The Best Soaps

These are simply the best soaps I have ever used. I have very difficult to deal with skin, it can't seem to stand anything without breaking out or itching, but it has been very happy lately with your soaps and lotions!....I love your products so much, in fact, I noticed the soap in my shower was getting low, thought I had another in the cabinet, and when I saw I didn't, nearly panicked (not like me at all). I also use the Skin Therapy Emu Cream, it is the only thing that helps the pain in my knees after a long day at work walking on a rough uneven surface, and doesn't irritate my skin (which by the way, after several months and many different treatments, a dermatologist couldn't help)."
Tara B., NJ
Testimonial By: Tara B — New Jersey

Excellent Skin Care Therapy Emu Cream

I wanted to let you know how great the Skin Therapy Emu Cream worked on those dry patches...Wow, the $100 1/2 oz. stuff the doctor gave me wasn't even close to working as fast and as well, in fact it never worked at all! Your cream worked overnite on most of it and in just a couple more nights on the rest. I am tickled! Thanks so very much!!"
A. Simmons, WA
Testimonial By: A. Simmons

Very Pleased With My Orders!

I just had to email you and tell you how very pleased I am with my last order and all of the products I have received from Natural Family Botanicals. My brother Wendell wanted me to tell you he is very impressed with the Emu Oil and Natural Powder. I just love the Rosemary Emu Soap which is wonderful on my skin. I love the new Replenishing Facial Oil for mature skin and the Hydrosol Facial Mist. The Skin Therapy Cream is wonderful on tired sore hands after a long days work and the Bergamot Cocoa Body Butter is great on dry rough elbows and heels. Thank you so much for the free gift of the Shea Butter. It is also a wonderful moisturizer. I just cannot say enough great things about all your products. Keep up the good work, and Thank you again dear."
Mary D., VA
Testimonial By: Mary D — Virginia

Skin Therapy Cream By Natural Family

I have been using the Skin Therapy Cream by Natural Family
Botanicals for over a year. Since I started using it, my skin is more soft, smooth, moist, and clear than it has been in years. I used to have a facial once every month to keep my pores clear. Since starting on the Skin Therapy Cream I haven't needed to have a facial once! Thanks for your fantastic line of products!"
S.H., Indiana
Testimonial By: S.H. — Indiana

Calendula Jojoba Soap Is Fantastic

I've only been using the Calendula Jojoba soap for three days, but I am already very impressed with the delightfully calming scent and how soft my skin feels. It's so soothing for my skin. I love how you've created such a wonderful soap without the use of harsh chemicals. Thanks again!"
Melissa H., OR
Testimonial By: Melissa H — Oregon

Excellent Customer Service Excellent Products

I love you products as well as your excellent customer service. Your wonderful products definately got me hooked! I still have three soaps left and some lotion and creams, but I just always find myself having to try out more of your products. I am so excited about my next order ! Before discovering your great products I would always shop the stores and load up, but then I wondered if the products I was spending so much money on were actually good for my skin. I did a little research and to my shock I was using widely sold products that contain foreign agents to my skin, not healthy. So I got on the internet and checked out about 10-20 different natural claiming companies before I found yours. I chose yours because of the natural home-made appearance of your products, warm website layout and lengthy customer comments. I felt comfortable enough to try out your products.....Thanks you so much for the great products and warm service."
Hana M., CA
Testimonial By: Hana M — California

Enjoy All Your Products

I am writing to let you know how much I've enjoyed all of your products that I have received -- the cream, oils, soaps, and Rose Hydrosol Mist/Toner. My sensitive skin has never looked or felt so good -- the difference is truly dramatic!"
Judy, CA
Testimonial By: Judy — CA

Delighted With every Order

I received my second order from you today, and just wanted to say again that I am delighted with every item I've ordered. I'm becoming addicted to your products!!! (I'll never go back to store-bought!) Your products, website and service are all first class quality, and I appreciate the effort you go through to keep it that way. Thanks so much!!"
Jan K., Texas
Testimonial By: Jan K — Texas

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