Excellent Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

Last week, my son developed rashes all over his body due to a viral infection. The rashes were more intense on his face, esp. around the mouth. His lips were cracked and crusty, but we kept applying your Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm. His cheeks are now soft and moist, and his lips are healing nicely. The Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm also worked wonders with my son's peri-oral dermatitis/eczema. His skin is already discolored around his mouth due to chronic allergy, and the natural skin color came back after a couple of months using the balm. It also works great for chapped lips! When I was using your Skin Therapy Cream along with the Calendula Soap for my daily facial regimen, I didn't have to wear make-up in the office. And it made my skin moist during winter when I used to have extremely dry skin. Thanks for all the efforts you have put into making all these products."
Marissa F., Ontario, CANADA
Testimonial By: Marissa F

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