Skin Therapy Treatment

My 2 year old son has had severe dry skin on most of his fingers and one foot. I tried all the lotions that the doctor said would work, when they didn't work I tried vasaline, neosporan and bandaids (more for the cracking/bloodiness of it), and then the cortizone stuff for eczema. NONE of it worked. Didn't even make a little dent in it. So I finally decided to try the Skin Therapy Cream of yours, 4-6 times per day. After 3 days there was at least a 70% difference. After a week, I could hardly notice any dry skin at all. I still put the lotion on for preventative, which is fine by me! His foot hasn't cleared up yet but that's because we (and by we I mean my husband and daycare) do forget to put it on there. Even with just me putting it on, there has been at least a 40% difference. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!" Desiree M., MN
Testimonial By: Desiree M — MN

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