Your Soaps Are Great

As I got older I developed sensitivities to many fragrances in soaps & lotions. I began using unscented soaps & lotions but found that I still had reactions to the products because it wasn’t just the fragrances it was also the chemicals used in the products. I found your website and ordered a variety of your soaps. The difference was almost immediate! I could bathe without itching and my skin felt wonderful. The best part was it all smelled so good...no more unscented! Your soaps leave the subtlest fragrance on the skin, not overpowering at all. I tried a number of 100% olive oil soaps, French, Spanish and Lebanese in my quest for natural soaps but none of them were as good as your soaps or made my skin feel as good as your soaps do. Over the last 8 months I’ve tried more of your products and have been pleased with every one of them."
Bridget A., LA
Testimonial By: Bridget A.

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