Loyalty Rewards Program

Details and Terms

We love our customers and want to show you how much we appreciate your continued support of our business by offering this rewards program.

Each product on our website has a reward point value posted that will be added to your account after you purchase it. Reward points that you earn are saved in your account and can be used towards a future purchase when you accumulate a minimum of 250 points.

250 points = 2.50 discount.

Natural skin care products you can truly trust!

All of our skin care products are made in small, frequent batches to guarantee optimum freshness. They are all free from harmful preservatives, parabens and mineral oil.

Please note: Since we do not use synthetic preservatives and since our oils and ingredients are a natural food grade quality, our lotions and creams should be kept in a moderately cool environment, preferably but not necessarily the refrigerator, and used within 6 (lotions and creams) to 12 months (balms and oils) for optimum benefits.