Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Creating a Relaxing Nighttime Skin Care Routine for a Better Morning

We all know the importance of a good night’s rest and it’s pretty obvious what a lack of sleep does to our energy level, but what about our skin?

From dark circles and puffy under-eye bags, pale skin and even an increased risk of aging, not only does a lack of sleep leave us feeling pretty low, it can seriously impact the state of our skin.

While good sleep can certainly help to combat these above mentioned skin issues, going to bed with your makeup on or using incorrect skin care before bed can also cause your skin to appear dry and dull even after getting a good 8 hours sleep!

Most noteworthy is that our body undergoes special processes while we sleep making it the ideal time to ensure that our face is slathered in high quality ingredients to maximize this process so we wake up with fresh, happy skin!

Keep reading to learn more about this process and our favorite products to use before bed!

Your skin while you sleep

The magic seems to truly happen between 11 pm and midnight, according to medical studies, when cell mitosis is at its peak. Cell mitosis is the process during which cells repair and renew themselves.

Don’t stress too much if you can’t remember the last time you were in bed before midnight, because the “golden hours” for sleep extend from 11 pm to around 3 am, so as long as you get to bed around midnight, your skin will still have time to repair itself. Cell regeneration reaches a peak around 2 am.

If you tend to have an interrupted sleep pattern, due to a sleep disorder or stress, then this process will still occur, however, growth hormones essential for repair may not surge as they would with a proper sleeping pattern.

Blood flow is brought closer to the surface of the skin while you sleep, helping to nourish and repair skin cells for healthy skin.

Also, more oxygen and nutrients are transported to skin cells during this time which help carry away waste and free radicals.

Importance of cleansing before bed

Clean skin is a must before drifting off, otherwise dirt and grime can clog your pores contributing to skin irritation, including blemishes while you sleep.

Our Organic Facial Cleanser is just what your skin needs! It deep cleans your pores and also imparts moisture to your skin to keep it supple and hydrated while your body is losing nighttime water weight.

Furthermore, clean skin breathes better and more easily absorbs nutrients from other products you apply.

Don’t go to bed without a skincare ritual

Since our body loses moisture while we sleep, covering it with a high performance, non-toxic facial serum will keep it moist and hydrated.  Our Cell Replenishing Facial Serum and our Vitamin C Repair Serum are the best choice for nighttime use as well as our Evening Primrose Cream. These natural products are formulated with a blend of luxurious oils and potent antioxidants to amplify your skin’s nighttime repair process.

Likewise, these products ensure your skin cells are fed continuously throughout the night with beneficial organic nutrients that speed up skin repair and rejuvenation.

Therefore, paying attention to your skin with a special nighttime skin care ritual is important and will certainly result in positive changes to the health of your skin.

For a list of Nighttime Skincare Ritual Steps and the products we recommend CLICK HERE!

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