Natural Bug Repellent


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Don't go picnicking or camping without this!

Why use toxic chemicals on your skin when you can use therapeutic essential oils that are safe and effective.

Our special combination of therapeutic essential oils can also help relieve the itchiness of any bug bites you may already have. The antifungal and antibacterial qualities of these essential oils are known for their ability to prevent infection and stop the spread of sickness...another plus when dealing with mosquito bites!

Keep those irritating bugs away and enjoy the soothing scent of this 100% natural bug repellent.

Our effective, good smelling formula is non greasy and will not stain clothing.

2 oz. recyclable bottle with disc top. Fractionated coconut oil and our proprietary blending of therapeutic essentials oils including citronella, lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and more. Apply oil as needed to any exposed areas of your body. Safe for use on face. Lightly wipe over hair to keep bugs from biting scalp. Apply to any bites that are itchy and bothersome. Use as often as needed. Does not leave skin greasy and will not stain clothing.

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