Nighttime Skincare Ritual

Night time skin care routine skin care products

Most of us have a skincare ritual in the morning, but what about a nighttime ritual? I know, it’s hard to think of your skin before bed, especially when the bed is so inviting! But studies show that at night our skin works in a different, yet amazing way than during the day.

There are optimum hours at night when our body reacts to the darkness and our sleep patterns. At a certain time our body kicks into gear to rejuvenate and replenish our skin.

During this time, our skin is in an optimal state to receive and better utilize nutrient rich products that we put on before going to bed.

Taking advantage of these amazing nighttime skin rhythms is a great way to get optimum results from your skin care products.

It’s actually quite amazing what our body does! Click here to read our blog post >>>

Here is our recommended night time ritual and the Products that work best:

  1. Cleanse with a non-drying cleanser, such as our Organic Facial Cleanser
  2. Apply a pore tightening toner, such as our Aromatherapy Complexion Mist, and let it air-dry for a minute.
  3. Next apply a nutrient-rich facial serum. We have 3 to choose from (see below).
  4. Over all of this, apply our Evening Primrose Cream for extra moisturization and a powerhouse combo of anti-aging essential oils.

You can mix our pure Emu Oil into the facial serum for deep penetration of nutrients. Emu oil is trans-dermal and will transport nutrients beyond the top skin layer. Yet, Emu oil is also a beneficial skin oil by itself!

So take advantage of our natural, yet amazing, nighttime skin rhythms and follow the above steps to bring restoration and repair to your skin while you sleep!