Organic Handcrafted Soap

Our organic handcrafted soap is made using the traditional cold process method. Each bar is filled with luxurious oils to create a moisturizing, skin nurturing soap perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

All the oils in our soap have a special purpose that help make our soap amazing…

  • Olive oil makes our soap very moisturizing and adds a creamy lather
  • Coconut oil creates a gentle cleansing bubbly soap that holds up and lasts a long time
  • Ethically harvested Palm Oil gives our soap a super creamy lather that feels lovely and keeps your skin soft
  • Castor Oil for lots of bubbles and creates a moisturizing soap rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Avocado oil adds to the amazing moisturizing quality of our soap and also adds skin healthy vitamins
  • Shea Butter “superfats” our soap and makes it over the top moisturizing!
  • Extra bonus – Silk! This adds a touch of silkiness that you can feel and notice while bathing with our soap!

A definite difference you will feel…and love!

Customer Comments:
“This soap makes my skin feel great. I use it daily and it is not drying.”

“I really love this soap. Lathers well, not drying and is wonderful for those of us with sensitive skin.”

“The lather it produces is as creamy, rich and luxurious as the very best body butter!”

“It never leaves a film or soapy residue. It washes off clean but the aroma in the shower is so incredible.”

“Very good quality and lasts a lonnnng time!”