Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

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An organic herbal “First Aid” ointment for a multitude of compromising skin conditions, including burns, infected wounds, and rashes. Heals skin quickly!


Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm is a vitamin-enriched effective healing ointment packed with eight 100% organic and wildcrafted skin healing herbs and enhanced for deep penetration with natural emu oil. The amazing and documented transdermal qualities of emu oil helps to transport all the wonderful therapeutic herbal benefits of the healing botanicals deep into your skin delivering beneficial phyto-nutrients that restore and repair.

This herbal balm is recommended for use on all types of wounds, infections, cuts, scrapes, boils, burns, bug bites or any type of general first aid skin conditions. We always keep a jar of this in our herbal medicine cabinet and take it with us whenever we go away from home on an overnight trip!

1.25 or 2.20 oz reusable jar

Many of our customers have praised the effectiveness of our Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm. Below is just one of the many testimonials we get:

“I bought the Comfrey Calendula Healing balm from you…I must say I have been consistently impressed with the efficacy of this product. It’s relieved bug bites and stings, sunburn pain, scratches, and even the hives of a stressed-out bride! Now I’ve gifted what remains of the pot to the boss at my new job, whose hands were scaling and cracking, and broken out in a heavy rash from using cleaning chemicals. She tried to wave me off, saying she’d tried many things, but I talked her into it with the bride’s story. Overnight, there was marked improvement in the scaling and cracking, and the pain vanished immediately upon application. This stuff is magic in a jar!” H.K., Oregon


Organically grown and wildcrafted herbs of symphytum officinale (comfrey) leaf, plantago (plantain) leaf, stellaria media (chickweed) leaf, melissa officianalis (lemon balm) leaf, calendula officinalis flower, achillea millefolium (yarrow) flowers, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower, and hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) flowers extracted and concentrated into a base of certified organic olea europaea (olive) oil, emu oil, cera alba (beeswax), non-gmo tocopherol (vitamin E), organic lavandula abrialis essential oil and organic melaluca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil.

11 reviews for Comfrey Calendula Healing Balm

  1. edie (verified owner)

    The potency of this product is astounding. I’ve used it to relieve dry, painful cracked hands in the winter; to treat skin irritations in tender sensitive places; to soothe and heal chapped, irritated nose and upper lip during bouts with a head cold; to reduce the pain and itch of skin irritations incurred while gardening; and to instantly ease the pain of sunburn. I wouldn’t be without NFB’s wonderful comfrey calendula healing balm. Thank you!

  2. joeandnaomiwiggins

    Update on my review: (I got a mini sample with my order. Thanks for that! I put some on the blister on my thumb, courtesy of doing yardwork without gloves, and it seems to be helping. I will be trying this on other ouchies! Thanks NFB!) I have since been using this on my baby’s cheeks, as he had a nasty rash from teething and slobbering on his self constantly. I think the rash got so deep and irritated it may have been a staff infection, it just wasn’t clearing up for months. I bought and used the Skin Therapy Cream from NFB on his cheeks and initially it was doing wonders but then we hit a plateau where his cheeks weren’t improving any more. So I used the sample of this healing balm I got with my first order instead of the other cream and this took his cheeks farther than I have ever got before, he is almost normal and smooth now. I am sooo beyond happy with all of the products I have bought from NFB. I am currently ordering more of this stuff. It truly is miracle cream. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. joeandnaomiwiggins

    I got a mini sample with my order. Thanks for that! I put some on the blister on my thumb, courtesy of doing yardwork without gloves, and it seems to be helping. I will be trying this on other ouchies! Thanks NFB!

  4. Lynn

    Love this balm. Have used on on my grandkids for all sorts of cuts and skin irritations and is amazing at healing cold sores quickly.

  5. DeAnne Hayes

    I have used this healing balm instead of neosporin for years. I keep one in my purse and one at home. If my kids are crying over a cut, scrape, rash or any skin irritation, they immediately ask for healing balm. Once it’s on, the tears are gone in moments and they are ready to play again. I have found it takes away the pain from burns like nothing else, as well as speed up the healing. When I put it on mosquito bites the itch leaves after a few minutes and the swelling is down within the hour. My daughter is prone to nose bleeds so I use it, instead of petroleum jelly, around and lightly inside her nostrils to prevent them. This product is truly amazing and I would never be without it, or use anything else.

  6. Sarah Heltzel

    This product is another must-have, year-round. It is great for skin irritations – I use it in my nose during the winter months for irritation from tissues and nose-blowing. We use it on scrapes and cuts, and it is also great for itchy skin and bugbites in the summer. It’s a go-to in our family.

  7. Janie Jaecks

    I used this healing balm on the eczema on my grandson’s arms and it helped tremendously. Within a couple days it was gone. I also use it for minor scrapes and chapped skin. Love it!! Thank you!

  8. Bethany Kilroy

    Another amazing product we cannot live without!! This heals everything that flares up!! Clears up and soothes dry cracked hands and dermatitis,rashes from heat and cold,raw skin after shaving…it’s magic!!

  9. Karen Lauble

    This healing balm is really wonderful. It has helped heal rashes, bug bites, very chapped lips and most recently extremely compromised skin on the fingers of my son. He does a lot of custom home painting and the caulk and putty really damaged the tips of his fingers. The healing balm, with gloves on his hands at night, worked well!!

  10. Theresa Lyons

    Magic lotion for all types of skin irritations. Used this on fire ant bites, misquito bites and even wasp stings. Timed how long balm took to reduce swelling of the wasp sting. It took 15 minutes to reduce swelling! Amazing. Wished I photographed the results. Also if you live in fire ant region this is a must have. If you put it on right away no swelling. Have used it on burns from the kitchen and within minutes the pain disappears and no blisters. This is always brought with us on vacation. Cannot believe how magical this balm is.

  11. melissa haney

    I had severe chapped lips with tiny bumps and they were itchy and I have never had cold sores or anything like this before. I tried Blistex and Carmex and any other thing I could think of. Finally I remembered I had the Calendula Healing Balm so I used it everyday all day and within 2-3 days my lips were back to normal. I was so happy. This stuff is awesome!

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