Foot Therapy Spa Set

Foot Therapy Spa Set


Soothe and heal your tired feet with our Foot Therapy Spa Set. Use to soften skin, soothe soreness, repair toenails, smooth heals, and feel calm and refreshed! Great gift idea.

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Everything you need to take care of your feet! Great for bringing relief and healing to sore feet, dry heals, discolored nails caused by fungal conditions, painful foot neuropathy, or to soothe away the overworked feeling in your feet.

Set includes:

Products are packaged together in a reusable drawstring bag. Ready for gift giving!

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How To Use

Foot Therapy Spa Set can be used daily or as needed.

First, soak your feet in the Foot Soak Salts for 5-15 minutes. While soaking, use the Loofah Soap to scrub rough spots, and smooth and clean heals. Remove soap in the soaking salt water. Dry your feet. Then apply Skin Therapy Cream liberally over your entire foot. If desired, cover your feet with clean socks while the cream soaks in.

Even by itself, the Skin Therapy Cream delivers great results when used daily.

If foot moisture is a problem, apply our Tea Tree Herbal Body Powder to your feet regularly.


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