Golden Oil


Golden Oil


A beautiful, golden anti-aging face, neck and body oil. Use daily to moisturize, improve skin tone, and protect your skin. Great for sensitive skin. 100% organic!

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Golden Oil is a deluxe powerhouse, anti-aging serum for your face, neck and body. Use daily to moisturize, protect and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Our Golden Oil offers soothing, calming relief from red, irritated flare ups and swollen skin. This effective combination of herbal oils will help restore damaged skin cells plus keep your skin hydrated throughout the day for a soft, smooth skin tone. Use during the day to help protect the skin from oxidation caused by the sun and harmful air pollution.

Made with organic Calendula and organic Rose petals. These beautiful flowers have long been used to help beautify the skin due to their unique properties that encourage the skin to regenerate and heal quickly. Both are gentle and safe enough for baby’s skin and sensitive skin.

Also contains organic chamomile and wildcrafted elderflowers. Click the “Key Ingredient Benefits” tab for more great info about these specialized skin herbs.

Add Golden Oil to your night time skin care routine! See our blog article for great info about how your skin works at night. Click here.

This oil has no fragrance added so is considered unscented, yet has it’s own subtle, naturally herbal scent. Use daily, or nightly, for amazing, visible results.

Golden Oil can be added to your other serums an extra boost or applied under your favorite daytime lotion. Can also be used to lubricate and soothe sensitive mucous membrane areas.

1 fl oz. blue glass reusable/recyclable bottle with glass dropper top.


Cold pressed olive oil*, non-gmo sunflower oil*, calendula flowers*, red rose petals*, chamomile**, elderflowers**.

*organically grown

**wildcrafted in Oregon

Key Ingredient Benefits

Calendula – a gentle, healing herb to keep the skin looking soft, healthy and wholesome.

Rose Petal – traditionally known and used as a beauty oil for healing and restoration to our skin.

Elderflower – has skin softening and beautifying properties, helps balance your skin’s natural oil production, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

Chamomile – is soothing and calms red, irritated skin, has natural anti-bacterial qualities and is helpful for acne trouble, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Olive Oil – amazing anti-aging and skin restoring benefits,  deeply moisturizing, anti-oxidant to help reverse skin damage from the sun and pollution, rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K

Sunflower Oil – rich in vitamin E for excellent skin health, helps skin stay hydrated and looking soft and radiant


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