Soothing Foot Soak


Soothing Foot Soak


A therapeutic aromatherapy soak for healthy feet and toenails.

Made with skin soothing, moisturizing mineral rich salts and organic healing essential oils.


Soothing Foot Soak is a therapeutic foot soaking blend of mineral rich salts and pure essential oils.

Soothe sore feet, repair damaged toenails.


16 oz resealable bag


Dead Sea salt, epsom salt, organic non-gmo sunflower oil, organic lavendin abrialis essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil.

How to Use

Foot Soak : Add 2 Tbl. of Soothing Foot Soak to 2 gallons extra warm water in a foot sized bucket/basin.

Bath: Add 1/2 cup of Soothing Foot Soak to bathtub.


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