Herbal Body Powder

Herbal Body Powder

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Experience the pure luxury of our Talc-Free Herbal Body Powder, a soothing blend crafted with natural botanicals for velvety soft and refreshed skin. Embrace the essence of nature’s goodness in a quick, revitalizing touch of self-care.


Introducing our Talc-Free Herbal Body Powder, a 100% natural blend featuring silky China clay, skin-soothing organic chamomile, and organic essential oils. Delicately scented and highly absorbent, it leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Perfect for using after a bath, on hot days, as a natural deodorant, or whenever you seek freshness and dryness. This powder can also be sprinkled into your shoes to freshen them!

Choose the Tea Tree body powder version for help and relief for any foot complaints. Tea Tree offers amazing relief for athletes foot and other foot irritations with its anti-fungal properties.

Our Baby Powder, safe for all, including infants, is delicately scented with lavender and tangerine for a calming effect during diaper changes and to keep baby’s bottom dry and help prevent rashes.

Talc-free, corn-free, paraben free
2 oz. reusable glass container with shaker top.

We offer an economical refill at this link: Body Powder Refills.


Kaolin (china) clay, arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, organic chamomile, organic essential oils (unscented version has no essential oils).

3 reviews for Herbal Body Powder

  1. edie

    I use this luxurious powder in place of underarm deodorant. The fragrance and texture are soothing and satisfying and — especially welcome during the hot summer months — keeps me feeling fresh from bath to bath. The fragrances — tea tree and lavender — are equally pleasing. Thanks for this outstanding personal care product!

  2. Denise Volk

    I love this powder, the lavender scent is my favorite. I use just before bed it helps me relax and drift off to sleep!

  3. Kandi Bornn

    I’ve used this powder in a couple of scents as an anti chaffing powder. In the summer I chaf badly while working out in the heat around the farm. It works great and is very soothing.

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