Ultra Nurturing Hand & Body Lotion

Ultra Nurturing Hand & Body Lotion

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Moisturize and nourish your skin with our Omega-rich, probiotic natural body lotion high-performance organic ingredients.
A non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly. Your body will feel so, so soft! 🙂

Keep a bottle or two handy in your home and office for regular use throughout the day. Your hands, and body, will thank you!
Cruelty-free and safe for our environment.

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Ultra Nurturing Hand and Body Lotion will make your skin feel soft, silky and moisturized. Daily use of this natural lotion will soothe your skin, remove dryness, increase hydration, and protect it from the elements. Your skin will be nurtured and strengthen by the multiple beneficial organic ingredients, all of which are loaded with therapeutic vitamins and minerals your skin craves.

Daily use of this natural hand and body lotion will benefit your skin’s health which is your first line of defense against harmful and annoying skin complaints. Hydrated skin is happy skin! The many nutrient rich plant butters and oils in this rich, creamy, natural lotion will definitely keep you skin hydrated, protected and feel silky soft, smooth and nurtured!

Our unique formula is an ultra-rich combination of high-performance botanical oils such as:

    • creamy organic cocoa butter for ultra moisturization and protection. Great for sensitive skin!
    • organic rosehip seed oil for its anti-aging and skin brightening qualities
    • organic sunflower oil for its skin nourishing vitamins and moisture control
    • organic kukui nut oil absorbs deep into tissue and provides protection from environmental elements.

Non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Your hands will feel so, so soft! 🙂

Keep a bottle or two handy in your home and office for regular use throughout the day. Your hands, and body, will thank you!

6 oz. cobalt bottle with pump top

Scent Descriptions

Choose from the following scents:

Nag Champa – An exotic, earthy, powdery incense scent that becomes your favorite the minute you smell it! Nag Champa is a famous incense and our nag champa fragrance oil is an exact replica of that scent. Warm, sensuous, and inviting!

French Lavender – The pure, wonderfully fragrant scent of organic lavender essential oil. Refreshing and soothing.


Distilled water, organic aloe vera, organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, vegetable emulsifying wax, palm stearic, kukui nut oil, meadowfoam oil, organic rosehip seed oil, lactobacillus ferment (probiotic natural preservative), tapioca starch, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E tocopherol (gluten-free and non gmo), organic rosemary extract, pure essential oil or fragrance oil (variety specific) silk amino acid, citric acid (derived from fruit, corn-free).

2 reviews for Ultra Nurturing Hand & Body Lotion

  1. Bridget Aitken

    First, let me say how glad I am the Nurturing Hand & Body Lotion is back in stock. I have used it for a number of years and was so sad when I ran out and found it was not available on the website. I tried several other natural lotions while waiting for this one to once again be available. Nothing I tried came close to this lotion.

    I live in a very hot and humid climate and cannot use a heavy lotion because it smothers me, but my skin still needs moisturizing. This lotion is perfect for me. It is light enough to use in 100 degree temperatures with 100% humidity and yet it makes my skin soft, smooth, supple and no smothering. I have always used the Lavender, which I really like, but I was so happy to see that the new fragrance is Nag Champa. I love, love, love the new Nag Champa fragrance. It smells divine! I never want to run out again, so I ordered one of each.

  2. Susan Gage

    I’ve been using this Ultra Nurturing Hand & Body Lotion for about 9 years and I can’t imagine using anything else. I use it mostly as a hand lotion and it has a permanent place on my kitchen sink. It really soothes my hands after washing dishes or gardening, and its aroma is heavenly!

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