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How To Naturally Rebuild Collagen Levels To Take Ages Off Your Skin

By now you’ve probably heard a thing or two about collagen, the structural protein essential for keeping your skin taut, plump and youthful.

What you may not have known, however, is that while it is naturally abundant in your body when you are young, your collagen levels rapidly decline as you age.

The good news is that you can rebuild your collagen levels naturally with a few simple strategies.

In this article, we’ll give you just three ways you can amp up collagen in your skin and enjoy the youthful, happy skin you deserve!

Apply topical products that boost collagen production in the skin

One of the best ways you can enjoy increased collagen levels and start to see results quite quickly is to either apply topical collagen to your skin or to apply products that boost collagen production.

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants for promoting collagen production and you can find this special vitamin in our Vitamin C Facial Repair Serum. Many people think that taking a vitamin C supplement alone is enough to see positive results and to boost collagen, however for best results, when it comes to your skin, you need to apply it topically.

Taking a vitamin C supplement is a great way to keep your insides healthy by fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity, but topical application is recommended when using it for the skin.

Treat yourself to a facial massage

Not only is a facial massage a wonderful way to relax, it helps to stimulate blood circulation, bringing blood flow closer to the surface of the skin, which in turn boosts collagen.

Try these at home tips (you’ll be surprised at just how good a DIY massage can feel!) or book yourself in for a deluxe facial at your nearest spa (click here).

Indulge in these collagen rich foods

Of course, a healthy outside starts from within, so it only makes sense to fill your body with foods rich in this important protein.

These are our favorite collagen rich foods and we encourage you to enjoy them at least a few times a week…(click here)

These three tips will help your body naturally start to rebuild collagen, but be consistent, because it takes a few weeks before you’ll start to see results. Just wait till you do though! You’ll be so motivated to continue showing your skin the love and attention it deserves!

(Photo by Andrew Welch on Unsplash)


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