A Luxurious Anti-Aging Facial Lotion for Daily Use

Repair and Regenerate Damaged Facial Tissue

Our Daily Facial Moisturizer is a simple way to keep your face soft, supple, and protected on a daily basis. It’s packed with nutrient rich organic oils and absorbs quickly for instant cell nourishment and deep moisturization.

One of the main ingredients, rosehip seed oil, is known as a miracle beauty oil. Rosehip seed oil has been scientifically proven to lighten age spots, repair damaged and scarred skin, and reduce wrinkles. Shea oil, another main ingredient, is ultra moisturizing, quick absorbing, and has an SPF value of 4-6.

Also worth mentioning is squalane oil. Hailed as both a beauty and a miracle oil, squalane is derived from olives. It helps lighten and prevent age spots, increases cell regeneration to reverse UV damage, oxygenates our skin cells, reduces wrinkles, and helps skin retain wrinkle preventing moisture.

Skin repairing essential oils are an important part of this luxury facial lotion. The following four essential oils work harmoniously in creating the essential healing and restoring foundation of our Daily Facial Moisturizer. First and foremost, is Lavender. Lavender loves our skin and is always able to help it. It soothes inflamed skin, reduces redness and blotchiness, increases oxygenation of tissues, plus has germ fighting qualities to keep skin healthy. Neroli essential oil is a must for mature, sensitive skin and so is Sandalwood essential oil. Last, but not least, is Rose! Rose is the go-to essential oil for mature skin and for centuries has been associated with fresh, flawless complexions.

A non-greasy formula that is perfect to use under make up. It imparts a smooth feel and appearance and a dewiness for easy application of face powders.

CLICK HERE to read more about the other amazing oils and ingredients in our Daily Facial Moisturizer.

Daily Facial Moisturizer has been a customer favorite for over 10 years!

Customer Comments: “I use this lotion every morning after getting out of the shower. It is the perfect moisturizer because it has a rich consistency, but goes on light. I apply it and let it set for a few minutes and by the time I’m ready to put on my makeup, it’s all been absorbed. It has a nice fresh and light smell. Best everyday moisturizer I’ve ever used!” Linda S.

“Love this moisturizer! I use it daily, doesn’t cause clogged pores, goes on light, and doesn’t make my eyes itch. It’s the only facial moisturizer I will use. Love the all natural ingredients and it keeps my skin looking healthy.” Danielle L.

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