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Emu Oil Soap Tea Tree Soap

This is the first time I have run out of your Rosemary Emu Soap soap since I started using it, and I want to make sure I don’t again! All my life soap has made me itch. I didn’t get rashes or have anything wrong with my skin, soap just dried it out and I itched. I switched to naturalRead More →

evening primrose anti-aging face cream

I just tried the wonderful Evening Primrose Cream and it is just fabulous! It does not go on greasy and smells terrific! Thank you so very much. Your products are fabulous and everyone should know! My face feels like silk!” Nadia, FLRead More →

Skin Therapy Cream with healing Emu Oil

I was prescribed steroid cream for my Eczema from my dermatologist. But since using Natural Family Botanicals “Skin Therapy” cream, Skin Therapy Cream is all I need. It heals it every time..So grateful for Kelly and her products. Thank you…Holly in AZRead More →

I have been using many NFB products now for several years, and cannot do without them. The Skin Therapy, Evening Primrose, Facial Serum, Rosehip Seed Oil, Emu Oil, and so many more soothe and heal my extremely sensitive skin. In addition, the Customer Service is perfect and I always receive my orders within days after ordering. I can’t say enoughRead More →

Fast shipping, excellent service, Kelly went out of her way for me to get my shipping address info worked out. I appreciate that plus her product is wonderful.Read More →