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Why Toner is So Important for your Skin

Many people skip this step in their skin care routine, believing that toner is unnecessary. As long as you wash your face and apply a moisturizer you are good to go, right?

Though this step may be overlooked, it is actually one of the most important steps in your skin care routine and, in fact, can end up solving an array of skin issues you may have dealt with up until now. 

In this article we will share a few reasons why we adore and recommend toner so much. We will also let you in on the best type of toner for your skin so you can really treat it with the good stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in to this post!

What’s the big deal about toner anyway?

We are glad you asked!

Many people think toner just removes excess traces of dirt or makeup after cleansing.  While it certainly does do this, its benefits extend far beyond just cleaning off a little bit of extra dirt!

Here’s a few ways a toner can help your skin:

  • Helps to shrink and refine large pores
  • Adds an extra dose of hydration to parched skin
  • Helps balance sebum levels
  • Enhances absorption of your follow up products

Toners also help to balance the skin’s delicate pH. When the pH is thrown off it can wreak havoc with your skin. Your skin needs to maintain a pH balance between 5 and 6, however there are many factors that may contribute to throwing off this ideal number.

Harsh soaps and drying alcohol-based toners, as well as an incorrect skin care ritual, such as using makeup wipes instead of a gentle cleanser, or rinsing your face with very hot water are just a few of the things that may impact your skin’s pH. 

Why a plant-based toner is best

Forget those synthetic and conventional toners, they are filled with harsh and drying ingredients that may dry out your skin and put it at risk. 

You want a plant-based non-toxic toner, that will infuse your pores with powerful antioxidants and goodness!

Our toners are unique in that they are made from floral hydrosol which is a by-product of essential oil distilling. The water left behind during the steam distilling process is loaded with nutrients and minerals that nourish and heal the skin.

Not only does our toner leave your skin feeling silky soft and wonderfully nourished, the added essential oils provide beautiful aromatherapy benefits that take this toner to the next level!

Certainly try spritzing some on your pillow to help you drift off in the best way.  Also try spritzing some into the air before guests come over for a gorgeous, fresh and uplifting scent. 

Choose from soothing Lavender Geranium or grounding and aromatic Sandalwood Rose, the choice is yours!

Get your toner here!

We hope this article has encouraged you to add a toner to your skin care ritual. You’ll be pretty pleased with the results!


(Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

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