Effective Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

Finally! The Help You’ve Been Looking For

Often I am asked “The cold winter weather is taking a toll on my skin! What can I use on my red, irritated cheeks and dry face?”

First of all, cold weather absorbs, so to speak, the moisture from our skin. The cold winds, lower humidity outdoors along with the dry, warmed air indoors can make our skin look dull and dry, feel tender and irritated, and can cause chronic conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, to flare up. Since you can’t control the weather nor the conditions of winter, a daily proactive skin care routine will help!

Where To Start

Above all, your skin must be clean for moisturizers to be most effective. Make sure you are NOT using a cleanser that contains alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate which dries out the skin. Check the label for these ingredients. Make sure your cleanser DOES contain oil, such as castor, nut oils, and coconut. (Please note: coconut oil alone is NOT a good moisturizer. When used alone it can eventually cause some skin types to become dull and dry!)

After cleansing, a toner should be used to close the pores, rebalance the pH, and prepare the skin for your moisturizer. Again, avoid a toner containing alcohol. Plant based hydrosols are completely natural sourced and make a beneficial, phyto-nutrient rich face toner.

Finally, apply a moisturizing lotion. The lotion you use needs to have oils that are not only moisturizing but strengthen your skin cell structure, are easily absorbed, and will provide long term protection against the winter elements.

You will find these important qualities in our Daily Facial Moisturizer, a stand alone product for everyday use that will keep your skin protected and hydrated all day. For those with extremely dry skin, using a serum first and then putting Daily Facial Moisturizer on top will do the trick. 

Follow these steps and your skin will soon look refreshed and supple. Using Natural Family Botanicals brand products will make a difference and you can trust that you are using products made with wholesome, natural sourced, fresh ingredients.

But don’t just take my word for it….

Daily Facial Moisturizer is wonderful!! I apply it over rose hip seed oil for my dry skin. It’s sinks in nicely no greasiness at all. I have sensitive skin and get peri-oral dermatitis with some products, but never with NF Botanicals!!” Bethany, MA

“I have been using Daily Facial Moisturizer for some months now and I will say adamantly it is worlds better than any other I have tried! Feels light and silky to put on (you don’t need much) and the fragrance is subtle -and lovely. (Am very fussy when it comes to fragrances) I think my skin has noticeably improved in terms of tone and age-related pigment changes. It’s a superior product, clearly made of fine nutrient-rich ingredients.” Christine, NY

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